Kisumu county government was yesterday ranked among the last counties to spend the littlest money on development.

This begs the question, is Kisumu not in need of development.The larger majority of the residents are wallowing in acute poverty going by the standards of the UN. If water,food,shelter, and proper healthcare misses,the region is in the brink of collapsing.

However, the lakeside county is one that is so green in development ranging from real estate, food production,entertainment, hospitality and banking business.

Kisumu according to 2009 census has 989000 people within the town.Approximately there are 2 million people in the county. This large number creates an economic gap between the producers and consumers.

Kisumu has more consumers who need services on a daily basis. The county government should begin by building the pier once more to enhance transport in the lake. Kisumu is strategic and nothing can stop it form being the hub of water transport in East Africa.

Secondly,a fish cooling plant. Most readers acknowledge that Kisumu is the home of fish. Did you know that the fish is transported to Thika for cooling whereas we have a county government???The governor should think about this

This is the only county well known to have party lovers and spend free spirits. It has proved to the world the kind of talent it can produce notwithstanding Lupita Nyon’go. The artistes in this city are one of the poorest social class in the county. Mark you, entertainment is one of the fields the county is allowed to tax. Kisumu leadership ill say once more, think about the people not the procedures of getting money to your pockets.

Kisumu needs nearly all businesses to run. It is only in the CBD that y 8.00pm, businesses close. We need 24hr economy by setting the right policies. Kisumu county assembly you have work to do.




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